Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mason's Birthday Week

Our sweet boy is TWO!! Matt and I love birthdays and we think it's important to celebrate those days. For Mason, we celebrated his birthday week by doing a little something each day. Everything was simple but just for him.

Let's see what all took place!

Well, these guys were crazy to start the week but hey, what's new!?!

Sunday afternoon, Matt and Mason went on a date to YOMO and then went to Toys R Us. We had a BOGO coupon for YOMO so it was cheap, added bonus. Who are we kidding? They would have gone anyway! 

Mason got a free giraffe at TRU for his birthday. :)

Monday morning, Mason watched a little TV while I got ready for the day. 

Then we colored...

And played with trucks...

And played a little Granny's preschool...

And the treat for that day was looking at the stars/moon on the ceiling in his room (a light from his humidifier) with Mom and Dad. 

Tuesday started with George (side note: we always let Mason watch George from 8:00-8:30 while I get dressed, clean the kitchen, etc.)

After George, we painted...

(distressed with paint on his finger...haha)

Then, I made a road on the floor for all of the cars! and trucks, trains, tractors...:)

We made cupcakes together (for the next day) and Mason decorated one. 

We spent the afternoon at McDonald's having a rainy-day playdate with Skylar, Mrs. Jenn,  and Emma

Skylar brought Mason his birthday present which he LOVED...Alpha books! 

And while I worked, my guys goofed off...:)

Wednesday involved a little light reading before a couple of Mason's friends came over for cupcakes. 

We didn't have a party like we did last year but I still wanted Mason to have a couple of his friends over for a playdate. We did a little craft, ate cupcakes and they played. It was simple and perfect for Mason. 

Monkeys jumping on the bed! 

After Mason's friends left, he opened his little gift from Anna and Emily. They gave him a book, a chicken dance noisemaker, and Anna painted his a custom painting! I can't wait to hang that on his wall. 

Matt had youth that night so Mason and I went on a dinner date! 

And he was feeling especially grown and he drove me home! 

More chicken Dance. :)

Thursday was the Pumpkin Path at Hatcher Garden and Friday Mason got to read books with Dad by lantern light. (see those pics in the other post from earlier today. :))

Saturday, Matt had a photoshoot so Mason and I headed to Barnes & Noble to play! 

Matt finished up and met us so he and Mason could share a cookie. :)

Saturday afternoon, we headed to a dollar movie and as a special treat, George came with us! 

We saw Minions and Mason enjoyed it. Matt and I didn't but that didn't matter!

The Morgan Trio!

We had such a fun week. Stay tuned for Mason's actual Birthday. 

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