Monday, November 9, 2015

Open Letters {12}

Dear BBQ Nachos,

I am not sure where the idea to make you came from BUT these Morgans were so full and content after consumption. YUM!!!

Love, People who are still full 36 hours later!

Dear Mason, 

You are soooo silly! And I think you just realized that it's the case. You are constantly making us laugh and we love it. Also, YOU ARE TWO!!! 

Love, Your Momma

Dear GiGi, 

You are coming for a visit in 9 days! We are so excited!  

Love, The Morgans

Dear Sunshine,

Seriously, where are you!?!?!


Dear Pastor Perry (Noble), 

Thank you for preaching an incredible series on marriage. Life giving.

Sincerely, This married couple

Dear Books, 

I have read nearly 60 of you this year! WOW! 

Love, a book lover! 

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