Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mason's {Actual} Birthday

Alright, let's see what happened on Mason's big SECOND birthday! We were up early thanks to the time change but we expected that and were prepared and therefore, made the best of it. 

The night before, Matt and I blew up some balloons and on the morning of his birthday, we tossed them all in his bed. He played for a long time and then we all got dressed and headed out. 

Our first stop was Wal-Mart to carry on a birthday tradition. Matt and Mason snagged their discounted halloween candy and they were two happy boys!! 

After we stocked up, we head to Waffle House for breakfast. Mason was asking for "waf waf" so we got that DONE! 

After Waffle House, we headed to Target to see what they had on clearance but it wasn't much. We loaded back up and headed to church. We were early so we took some car pictures, duh! 

When we got home, Matt made Mason a quick lunch. We didn't eat because we were still full. While Matt made lunch, Mason did some work of his own. He put all of the balloons into his crib and also threw in some candy. HAHA! 

Mason had a GOOD nap while Matt and I just hung out. After nap, we played some and waited for Grandmom and Granddad to come over. Like I mentioned, we didn't have a party for Mason (which was a great decision!) but we generally have a birthday meal with Grandmom and Granddad (for each of our birthdays) so we kept that going. 

Mason was so glad to see them and show them his toys and his balloons. :)

We ate a yummy, easy dinner of Chili Mac and copy-cat Jim N Nicks biscuits. After that, we opened presents. 
First up...footed PJs! 

Next art smock! 

Next, some "big boy" cups! (Mason uses a cup with a straw mostly but he is ready to transition to some regular cups full time so we are ready now!)

Next...a doctor's kit! 

Grandmom and Granddad's gift came next and they gave him a cool little ice cream maker. It's kind of a special thing because the first time Granddad held Mason, he told him he was going to take him out for ice cream so that's always been their inside thing. Now, they can make their own! 

Giving hugs for his gift. :)) 

And last gift...a cool B. fire truck!! We were pumped about it because I found it on consignment for a great price! WOO! 

We had a quick dessert and Granddad and Mason snuck in some night time reading, too. 

And of course, a family selfie or two! 

Mason also attempted to delay bedtime by asking for a few more stories. You know Grandmom and Granddad obliged. :)

Pretend sleeping was the last stall tactic of the night. What a cute two year old! 

It was a GOOD day! 

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  1. What a FUN DAY!! I actually love it that you guys kept the birthday low key. I don't mind going to kid parties AT ALL {actually think they're pretty fun} but it seems like they exhaust the whole family more than they should, so good for you for keeping it low key and so very fun!!!

    Also - cracked me up that he put all his balloons in his crib. Way to organize, Mason!!