Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What's in a name?

Just the other night when I was staying with my friend, Mandy (and her family, in Knoxville, we had a brief discussion about names. Why we named our kiddos what we did, what we would name future babies, and how our opinions change over time.

Since I had a three hour drive home the next day, I had plenty of more time to think about names. And that's where this post was born. :)

I remember looking up what my name meant years and years ago but then never thought much of it. When Matt and I were expecting Mason, his grandmother asked me what names we liked and then she looked them up. That's something that is important to her and it was fun to know what certain names meant.

While I think it is cool, I don't think it's a major thing and I told Matt and that if we loved a name and its meaning was bad, we would change the meaning. Sounds easy, right? ;)


What do our names mean?

Matthew Robert: Matthew means "gift of God"; Robert means "bright fame"

Leslie Anne: Leslie means "garden of holly" or "grey fortress"; Anne means "favor or grace" and "prayer"

Mason Matthew: Mason means "worker of stone" and Matthew means "gift of God"

We decided before Mason was even created that we would give the middle name "Matthew" to any boys we would have. Matthew is such a great name and we believe that any sons we have will truly be gifts of God.

If we have any other sons, the names we have narrowed down are:
Maxwell: means "Magnus' spring"or "Mac's well"
Micah: means "humble" or "Who is like God?"
Maddux/Maddox: means "Son of Maddoc"
and a few others

If we have a daughter one day, we will name her Madeline Marie. Madeline means "woman of Magdala" or "Tower" and Marie means "wished-for child".

Our other girl names are:
Meredith: means "Guardian of the sea" or "great chief"
Molly: means "wished-for child" (Guess if we ever use the name "Molly Marie", she would be a Wished-for, wished-for child", haha!)

As with Matthew for a boy, any girls we have will have the middle name "Marie". Marie was the name given to my aunt and she passed away just before I was born. It's always been a special name to me.

While I'm talking about names, I'm sure some are wondering about all of the "M" names! Well, long before Matt and I were married, I had decided I wanted to name a daughter, if I were blessed with one, Madeline Marie. Thankfully, Matt loves that name, too. :)

When Matt and I got married, We realized that would make initials MMM. We also knew that we wanted a boy to have the middle name Matthew which meant we either gave a first name with M or we just didn't go that route. We loved the name Mason almost immediately and decided to go that route. So, unless the Lord changes our mind, we plan to name all future Morgan children with the initials MMM.

We can't wait for more Morgan babies so we can use some of the names we love so much! :)
(Also, This is NOT an announcement! Truly just talking about names. :))

What does your name mean? Share!!

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