Monday, August 8, 2016

Mason Meets a Policeman

Our local library has incredible story times and activities all of the time. Mason and I used to go frequently and when he got to be super active, we slowed down a bit with our story time outings. Then Maddox came and we really slowed down. We are trying to get back into it more now. Mason especially loves the storytimes at our Westside library right now.

We visited there last week for a morning story time and at the end of story time, a police officer came and talked to the kids. It was awesome! 

He's very into his letters right now and on this day, he picked "R". 

Dancing to the fun songs!

Helping the librarian out.

Now it's "S"

Then, the police officer let them go outside and see the car and explore. It was great! 

Mason shook the police officer's hand and told him "Thank You!"

Cool lights! 

I didn't notice his silly face until I look at the picture later. I was cracking up!

We are SOO grateful to our library system for some awesome opportunities! 

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