Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Videos {June & July 2016}

Last Heartbeat before Baby Maddox arrived!

Reading to Baby Brother on the first day of his life!

Maddox was MAD!!! :)

Big Boy at CiCi's!

Mason gets a fishing pole!

Daddy and Mason reading.

GiGi making Mason giggle! 

HipHip Hooray from SuperWhy

Coca Cola! 


Tummy Time for Maddox

Cars are FUN!

Maddox's First Bath

Stretch it out!

"My Own Coffee"

Walking with a "Cane"

Story time fun!

"Chex Mix!!!"

Fun with blocks

I got the elephant!

Talking away...

Big brother needed me to help him get back up on his pillow, too.. hilarious!

More fun with blocks. We build them up and then we knock them over!

Little guy doesn't mind the car...until you stop for too long...

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