Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PopPop and Mammy Visit {August 2016}

Matt's parents were able to make a visit up to see us during the first weekend in August and to meet Maddox for the first time!

Mammy (She's really Grammy but as I've shared before, Mason calls her "Mammy" so we've just been going with it.)

Fun with PopPop

We got yummy Bojangles dinner and attempted to watch a movie but Mason was too busy for that so we went to book time and then bedtime.

Friday evening after the boys were in bed, we watched some of the Olympic Opening Ceremony and then headed to bed. Saturday morning, Mason, Matt, and Mr. Rob went to the Farmer's Market to pick up yummy cinnamon rolls. I took Mrs. Claire to an art class that Grandmom was teaching. When I got back, the guys went back out, to the bookstore this time.

The day continued with PopPop getting lots of attention from both Morgan boys.


That afternoon, I napped with the boys and then we headed to downtown. Matt took some pictures of the boys with his parents in some outfits that Mrs. Claire sewed for them. We continued the night with a delicious pizza dinner at Brickhouse Pizza...sooooo good! 

Granddad helped us out by holding, feeding and burping Maddox. 


Grandmom jumped in to help, too.

Attempt at a good selfie...not so much.

Mason LOVES his Granddad!

We walked in downtown and big and headed to HubCity scoops for ice cream. YUM! And the snuggles continued for PopPop.

Before we left and said good-bye to Grandmom and Granddad, we got a good pic!

And then Mason found some water!

Sunday morning before PopPop and Mammy left, Mason tried to pull out as many of his toys as he could ;-) and he got some good time with them reading, too.

We enjoyed our visit and we are looking forward to the next. 

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