Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-August 2016}

Mid-August has just passed right on by! Let's see what some of our miscellaneous happenings were. 

I've mentioned before that we love the library. We have been going once a week and it's been great. Each week, we usually check out about 15 books and this go around Mason helped me to return them. :) 

We also stayed for storytime that afternoon and Mason loved it, as always. Maddox just chilled in his seat and listened to the music.

Fun song with our shaker eggs.

Fun School Bus craft for the start of school week.


After the library, we met Matt at CiCi's for a quick dinner and Maddox picked that time to have a big bathroom break. And guess what?! CiCi's has NO CHANGING TABLES! So, I had to change him on the seat and then Matt put him on the table to change his clothes. Good times.

One morning, we met some of our buddies at the park. It was a cool-er morning and we had a good time playing.

Snack time!

Once we got home, it was time to cool off and Mason said he needed to relax. This looks just like pure relaxation to me!

Big brother decided it was time to try on little brother's clothes. haha!

Sunday morning on our way to church!

A friend sent this picture to me of my mom worshiping in church and I love it so!

Sunday after church, we took naps and then we headed to the park and then to get Frosties. YUM!

I zoomed in on this picture and posted it on Instagram because this guy is my favorite. On Sunday evening, he was cutting the grass, blowing, weed-trimming and SWEATING! A man walked by without a shirt on and we assume he is homeless. He said something to Matt and next thing I know, Matt is inside getting a couple of t-shirts, and some water for him. I love this man so much and he's always my hero!

More play time with our bud. Yay for SWEATING at the park. We are going to miss our frequent meet-ups when A starts preschool this week.

Silly boy trying to hide from A. 

Big Brother was here!

Big Brother and Little Brother footsie.

Zooming in to watch his show. haha!

Morgan Family Reading Time is THE. BEST!

Stay tuned for more posts this week! 

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