Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mason Says... {And Does} {7}

 Looking at Pictures on the wall in our bedroom, Mason is naming people in each picture. He gets to a picture that is off Matt's entire family but it was taken before Mason was born. He says "Ma, where me?" Smart boy!

 One day, Mason was eating lunch at the dining room table and Maddox was hanging out in his bouncer seat nearby. Since they were both contained, I started working on laundry. I put the clothes on the dining table to fold which I never do. Mason says "No Ma! No Kose. Eat Eat!" haha!

We got a book from the library called "Who's Hiding?" and it has a rabbit crying on one of the pages. I asked Mason why he was crying. He said "he miss him mom!"

Mason was playing with toys a few Sundays ago. Out of the blue, he put his toy down, walked over and game me a sweet kiss. You can bet there were tears in my eyes!

He was sitting on the couch one day while I was feeding Maddox and I noticed him playing with his feet while watching a show. Shortly after I looked down again and realized he had Maddox's pacifier and was putting it between his toes. YUCK!!!

Maddox sneezed one morning and Mason said "Ma, Ma-mix sneezed." I said "What do you say?" He said "God bless you!" Love it!

Stopped for donuts one morning since we had literally been inside for days with colds. On the way home, I teased Mason and said "You don't really like donuts, do you?!" He didn't even pause before he said "Yes, ma'am!!"

Mason was finishing breakfast one morning and I asked if he needed anything else. He quickly said "Um, ICE CREAM!"

Apparently, we say "gosh" a little around here. Mason picked it up and the other day, he said "Dosh!" and then said "deep deep breath" and exhaled. ;-)

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  1. Love to be able to read about your beautiful growing family. Mason is so adorable.