Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible by Jared Kennedy {A Book Review}

Oh man, I cannot say enough good things about The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible by Jared Kennedy. Over the last four years, we have read and utilized many different Bible story books and many of those are still favorites of ours. However, this one just might top the list! 

First, the book itself is well made, thick and sturdy. If you have kids, you understand why that matters. ;-) The illustrations are incredible. Absolutely incredible. They aren't overdone and I think that helps the kids to focus on them more. 

The stories are numbered which we have enjoyed when we are switching off nights reading stories and I can just tell my husband we read story #11 last night, etc. The stories themselves are well told and shortened from the actual Bible stories. I feel like they don't mince words though. They are accurate and truthful but on a level that my four year old can understand. 

It is a little pricy from what I see on Amazon but I can say with certainty that it would be worth it. We will read this book over and over again. 

Well done, Jared Kennedy! 

**I Received a copy of this book from the publisher.**

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