Monday, November 6, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 44}

Last week was an excellent week for us! We celebrated Mason turning four, enjoyed time with friends and had a great trip to the beach. This post has much of the week included but I've written some other posts about the birthday specifically, too. 

We started the week off with a bang! We let Maddox feed himself yogurt. It was past time but judging by the mess, you can probably tell why we didn't do it earlier. 😉 
He was so proud and loved it! 

Once he was dressed (costume day at church), he got into some shenanigans. Boy, oh, boy. 

Love my, my eyes were sleepy! 

Then a picture miracle happened! We are all in the picture and we are all looking and we are ALL SMILING!!!!! Multiple times!!! 

After church that day, Maddox headed to nap and Matt took Mason to the park for his birthday week treat. They had so much fun one-on-one. He was running a fruit stand here. 

That evening, the boys went to AWANA and Matt and I had a little date. Jimmy John's and walking around The Fresh Market. 

Oh, and then Matt got coffee and I got ice cream. 😂

Does he look like a PawPaw or what? 

Cute in black and white, too! 

Love my boy so much. 

We snuggled up and watched a bit of TV before nap. 


I am so blessed to have a 4 year old! He was giving me gooooood snuggles! 

We went to Hatcher Garden to meet a few friends, have muffins and a nature walk. While waiting for friends, we saw this tiny little grasshopper. The boys loved it! 

We had the best time with our friends and we are so grateful for them! 



It appears that Maddox is now a big boy. I had the iPad open one day and he just pulled it over and started playing a game. 😂

We had donuts the next morning and the boys were HAPPY! 


Mason found $10 in his jeans pocket when getting dressed that morning. I am fairly certain that my mom gave it to him on her recent visit and it just got washed. Regardless, he was PUMPED! 

Love that little face! 

I think Maddox was upset that his candy bag was empty! Or upset that we weren't going outside the door at the exact moment that he wanted to go! 


We went to meet someone to drop off a picture CD to them and decided last minute to head into the library for story time. The boys had a blast! 
Goofy smile...




Mason and I got a little bit of school work in and he did so well! 

Straight chillin'. 

The boys trick or treated at our neighbors house Tuesday evening. 

Another day, another donut. 😂

We pulled out tons of books one morning and the boys had a blast! 

That afternoon, Matt was home early and I went out to eat by myself. It was delightful and way too heavy! I didn't finish it all and brought some home to Matt. :) 

Mason was worn out at nap time! Look at him! 

Maddox woke up still a bit sleepy, too, so I took advantage of those snuggles! 



Kris and I went to see, I'll Push You, and it was so good! We both read the book in the summer and Kris got us tickets for my birthday in August. Such a good night with a great friend! 

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