Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mason Says & Does {23}

We went to a local park and Mason hugged a light pole, "It's just like Dad!" 😂😂😂

While waiting for food at a fast food restaurant: 
Mom: That's the lady who took our order buddy. 
Mason: Oh no! Is she going to keep it?!? 

Maddox was calling for me one morning before wake-up time and Mason said, "No, Maddox! Go to sleep!" 

Mason got into trouble and he was going to get a spanking. He said, "Mom, can I have grace and not get any spankings?"

We were heading to a consignment sale and my mom was in town. I told Mason we were going and he said he would get toys. I asked him how and he said, "GiGi will give me money!" #HeWasRight

Matt stopped Mason from dumping out a whole thing of cars by saying "Remember you have to clean those up if you do that." So, Maddox then dumped them a few minutes later and Mason says to Matt, "Dad, now you have to clean them all because Maddox doesn't know how." #Boom

Mason loads up into the cozy coupe and yells, "GOODBYE! I'M GOING TO POPPOP AND GRAMMY'S HOUSE! HOPE I DON'T GET STUCK IN TRAFFIC!" Then he went over to Maddox and gave him a kiss before leaving.

"TOW TRUCK! We cannot be here all day!"

Buddy, we are going to see some people soon. "Everyone in the world?!?" 

While driving home from Nashville, "Maddox! Guess what! Good news! We are close to home!"

Mason, bedtime is at 7:00."Well, the clock says 656" UH OH!!! 

While at the fire station open house, "I would like 9, no 10 slices of pizza. "

Mason, what would you like for breakfast on your birthday?

We found $10 in Mason's jean pocket that we are fairly certain came from my mom a couple of month's ago. He said, "that surprised us!"

"Why do doctors make babies?" 😳

"On Halloween, we wait until dark, put on our costumes and go trick or treating." Well, guess we can't hide trick or treating anymore. ;-)

"Tomorrow when we get to the beach, it will be my birthday again and I'll be five!"

"I can't wait to drive my cars on the beach!" 😍😍😍

Matt and Mason were at the toy store and Mason was looking at a toy and got so excited to see a toy. "Dad! This holds 50 cars!" Who knew he knew what the number 50 looked like! :) 

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