Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Our sweet older child turned four this past week! I have to say, three was ROUGH for us in many ways and I'm looking forward to hopefully turning a corner during FOUR! I wanted to post some pictures Matt took of our big four year old while we were at the beach and also give an update on what's going on with our big guy these days!

**My precious husband caught this pictures of Mason while we were at the beach this past weekend.** 

Weight: 42 pounds (89%)

Height: 3 feet, 5.75 inches  (80%)

Speech: Much much much improved! He is still receiving services each week but he's made a ton of progress in the last year and he is much more stimulable and getting better with each session.

Developmental Milestones:
He gets super excited about new things and adventures.
He loves make believe, especially with his cars and repairing them.
While he does enjoy time at home to play alone, if we head to the park, church, MOPS, etc., he loves to play with other kids.

He is learning more and more about cooperative games with others.
He loves music and singing, especially his songs from church.
He is starting to tell stories more and coming up with theories as to why things happen.

He can say his first and last name, working on the middle name.
He recognizes all letters (upper and lowercase) and numbers (mixes up 6 and 8 from time to time).
Working on writing letters and numbers.

He is starting to understand time and reading the clock for simple times.
He is counting consistently to 12 and understand what that actually means. He can count past that but gets too excited and gets out of order. 😂
When we read, he understands stories more and more and is answering comprehension questions from books, too.

He understands "same" and "different", "less" and "more", etc.
He doesn't really like drawing and coloring but he did do as the doctor asked and draw a person with three body parts so that's on target.
He uses scissors with minimal help.

Physical development concern is a bit of toe-walking but we are addressing with exercises for now and will go from there. Thankfully, it is not full-time so doctor was majorly concerned.

He does have an umbilical hernia which he has had since birth. Doctor went ahead and gave us a referral for surgery. This is outpatient and mostly for cosmetic reasons at this point but not likely to self-correct itself at this age.

Mason is such a sweet kid. He has his moments as any toddler/kid does but he is respectful, shy, loving, caring, and so very active!

He loves adventures but loves to be home as well.

I know there is plenty more that I could say but I'll let the precious pictures speak for themselves! Plenty more below....

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