Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Matt had a week of vacation days left to take in January so we decided to spread them out. He's working 3 day weeks for all of January. It's been great for sure! 

His first Friday off was first Friday which happens to be free admission at a Children's museum about an hour away. We loaded up the car and headed there. It was well below freezing and spending the morning there was the perfect choice. 

We were ready to go! 

First exhibit was a fire truck. We were hooked! 






We had to make the boys move along because they loved it so much! 

The next stop was an air tube for moving scarves and yarn balls. It was so neat. Matt and I may had liked it best. 😂

Magnet table. 

Vet Shop. Mason said this was his favorite! 



Puppet show station...

Enclosed play area for 4 and under. Perfect for Maddox.

Grocery store...

My main man...

Pure silliness

Music from a Tesla coil. Matt's favorite part. :) 



We tried to get a picture before leaving and Mason got bumped in the face and he wasn't feeling it. 😂

After our fun morning there, we stopped for lunch and drove around Rutherfordton for a bit. 

Before leaving town, we stopped for cupcakes for these guys. Everyone was happy! 

We had the best morning. The only thing I wish I had was a few more pictures of me playing with the boys but Matt was busy playing at the same time so he didn't grab any. Oh well, it was super fun and I hope we get to visit there again soon! 

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