Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Morgan's Movements {Week 52}

The last week of 2017 has passed so I better recap before it's really old news! 
Last week, I gave the boys popcorn for breakfast and they were doggone happy about it! 

We spent one cold morning at Barnes and Noble playing with trains, reading and exploring. 



That night, we all went to CiCi's to each pizza. Maddox was saving some brownie for later. 

When we got home, Maddox became Tim the Toolman and he was so darn cute! 

With the chilly weather, we spent much time inside but we still managed to have fun! 

GiGi snapped these pictures of myself and the boys. 😍

And then these of Mason and I reading. 😍😍😍

Pure silliness! 

We went to the library one morning and had the place to ourselves. 

When I put Maddox down for nap and went to dress for work, I came back to this. GiGi and Mason playing with the animals. Much imagination between them! 

Super Daddy! 

Maddox and I had a date to Target and the library one morning while Mason and GiGi had a date at home. 

Whoa, more silliness trying out GiGi's rollers! 

Mason and GiGi had looked through a Lidl catalog and Mason saw some roses on sale. He told Matt about them and they snuck out to get them for me. I was so surprised that I cried. They brought chocolate ice cream, too! 

Oh man, the silliness continues...

I went to work and came home to this sign on the back door. When I walked around to the front, I opened the door to a clean house! Everyone got busy when I went to work and I was so surprised! It was a good day! 

Train fun...

We had a 40th birthday party for our friend, Paul, and we got to bring home cake! 

It was fun to be together for another "date" 

I'll recap New Year's Eve soon! 

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