Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 2}

We started out Week 2 with a pajama day. Matt was at work but the rest of us partook in that! 
And I capture a miracle in progress. Mason and Maddox sat next to each other watching a show for a brief moment. You know that I didn't let that moment pass without a picture! 

That afternoon, they had a snack and looked like two little old men eating and reading their magazines. 😂

Tuesday was a MOPS day and that afternoon, Matt took Mason on a special date to the park and Maddox and I had some time together at home. 

We played outside for a while and just enjoyed some time together. 


Matt and Mason were at Cleveland Park for nearly 3 hours and Mason said they had the best time! Matt agreed. :) 

The pond at Cleveland Park was frozen across the top. 


Wednesday morning, the boys and I grabbed groceries and when we got home, our neighbors were outside. Miss Phoebe pulled Maddox in the wagon! 😍😍😍

That evening, I had to work and Matt took the boys to storytime. Matt said it was one of the first times he thought that Maddox was really interested in the craft time. 

Thursday was just a chill day and after a few errands, Maddox napped and Mason and I got a few snuggles in before his nap. I was soaking it up. 

After nap, he wasn't so sure that he wanted nap to end! 

While I worked again, Matt was super dad. They had a great afternoon together! 

Friday was a chill day and I worked again the afternoon. (I was covering for a vacation.) Mason helped Matt cut the mango and Matt taught him about fractions. :) 

Matt also finished his first book of the year! 

Saturday I had to work and this was my much sickness going around that I didn't want to risk it! 

The guys hung at home because it was COLD! 

After nap that afternoon, Mason and I went on a quick date to run a few errands. He was so much fun! 

These two had fun while we were gone. 

That night, I got some good post bath snuggles. Gah, look at that little cutie pie! 

All together now! 

Sunday morning, we stayed cozy at home and Maddox showed me his nose often. 😉

Yep, there ya go. 

He also gave Matt some good snuggles, too! 

We ended the week with AWANA for the boys and errands and house cleaning for Matt and me. It was a great week! 

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