Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Our 7th Anniversary!

I am not even sure how 7 years have passed by since that chilly and rainy New Year's Day when we were married. This year was cold cold cold but not rainy thankfully! We planned to take yearly pictures but last year life happened and there is no picture. Hey, such is life! 

We got a fun fancy date this year as well as two other outings just us so we are definitely feeling spoiled! 

Here's a recap of our annual pictures...

Wedding Day 1/1/11:

1st Anniversary 1/1/12: 

2nd Anniversary 1/1/13: 

3rd Anniversary 1/1/14: 

4th Anniversary 1/1/15: 

5th Anniversary 1/1/16: 

6th Anniversary 1/1/17: 
didn't happen! 

7th Anniversary 1/1/18: 

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