Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 {A Year In Review}


Matt and I celebrated 6 year of Marriage.

We had snow on January 7th and it was Mason's favorite day ever! And it was Maddox's first.
We took a trip to Montgomery to visit Matt's parents and that brought the stomach bug which lasted for over a week in our house and all throughout Matt's week off from work BUT we survived and enjoyed our time together nonetheless.
I began working mainly a couple of afternoons a week and avoiding working on the weekends and it went really well.
I did some cleaning out and got rid of so many things we didn't need/want/use.
Maddox was sick off and on but he was happy nonetheless.
Matt and Mason went to Monster Jam!


We enjoyed some of the most beautiful weather we have ever experienced in February in Spartanburg.

We started hiking more as a family and it was lots of fun. Croft State Park and Cottonwood trail were on the list.
We celebrated Valentine's Day as a family with a dinner out and gifts for the boys.
Matt and I celebrated Valentine's Day with date at home and discounted candy the next day. :)
We had lice. Ugh, I don't want to say more than I already have about that!
We went to the circus as a family and had a great time!
Maddox turned 8 months old!


GiGi came to visit and stayed for 10 days and then we took a trip to Louisiana to visit friends and family there.
Maddox made 9 months old.
Mason had a dentist appointment and a haircut and he did awesome--his first time to really enjoy those two things!
We had crazy weather!
We celebrated Matt's 31st birthday!
We had another stomach bug at the end of the month.


We went to see the Roller Derby.
Mason had a speech evaluation at a clinic to see if he would qualify for more services for articulation. We found out that he has language skills at a 7 year old level in some areas!
We attended the Hop Into Croft event at Croft State Park.
We purchased a new car with CASH! 
We enjoyed the incredible Spring Weather during this month. SO beautiful!
We celebrated Easter as a family and enjoyed lots of fun outside time. 
We had Grandmom and Granddad over for dinner and we ate outside in the backyard.
We spent a Friday night at Spring Fling and enjoyed food, the dog show and bike races.
We picked Strawberries as a family. Our 4th time together and Maddox's first! 


Mason turned 3 1/2 and Maddox made 11 months.
We enjoyed preparing for our family trip!
We took our epic family road trip. It was such a fun times!!!
We had a low key rest of May after our trip.
Memorial Day weekend was spent all together with park visits, grilling and just rest!


We celebrated Maddox's 1st birthday!!
GiGi came for a 10 day visit.
We visited Monroe to see the Hills for a few days!
We finished out the month at home with not a whole lot going on.


We spent the 4th of July at home and celebrated the 5th of July with Grandmom and Granddad.
Leslie had a girl's night and it was much needed.
We spent a fast weekend in Montgomery to visit PopPop, Grammy, and Mom-Mom.
Maddox got Hand, Foot, and Mouth and the rest of us managed to avoid it.
We had a big budget meeting to make plans for the rest of the year and next year.
We also talked a lot about travel plans for next year, too.
Maddox got bitten by a spider and had a bite on his face for two weeks.
Mason attended Ocean Camp at Anderson Mill Baptist Church and loved it.
Maddox had a fluke three days with a HIGH fever and then it went away.
We had some fun family times including the Farmer's Market, quick dinners, yummy desserts and plenty of time outside.


We spent a week on the farm to house/farm sit for friends. Such an adventure!!
We started preschool at home for Mason and had lots of fun learning and teaching.
Mason started back to his speech at the Early Learning Center and has a new speech therapist.
Maddox worked on his 8th tooth FINALLY! And he began climbing on EVERYTHING!
I celebrated my 33rd birthday with a weekend with our fam, a girl's night and just some good spoiling. :)
We enjoyed the Curious George exhibit with friends.


We had a visit for Labor Day weekend with PopPop and Grammy.
Matt and the boys enjoyed a weekend at his parents and I stayed behind for some relaxation and lots of work organizing the storage unit, our closets, etc.
We had a day/night of wind and lots of rain from Tropical Storm Irma.
I attended a Women's Conference with Grandmom at their church.
We dealt with a 24 hour fever virus that both boys had.
We went to Greek Fest as a family!


So. Much. Sickness! We entered into the month sick and we left it without sickness. Praise Jesus for that!
We spent most of the first week of the month in Louisiana with my Dad and we got to visit family and friends, too!
GiGi made an unexpected trip back with us and we had a great 10 days with her! There was sickness most of the time and she even caught a cold from us but we still have such a good time.
We were hit by another car and spent half of the month dealing with that disaster.
We spent a long weekend with Nashville with Matt's brother and his wife. We saw the rest of the fam, too, but only for a short time due to other commitments for them.
We enjoyed a week at home WITHOUT SICKNESS!! We celebrated Mason's birthday (November 1st) to the fullest during his birthday week.


We started off the month celebrating Mason's 4th birthday!
We got our car back after 16 days without it. We definitely celebrated that!
The four of us went to Myrtle Beach for the week for Mason's birthday adventure and the trip could not have been better.
Matt was able to hold several photoshoots helping families get pictures for Christmas cards and we were able to add that money to our house fund!
We spent part of Thanksgiving week at our friend's farm taking care of things while they were out of town.
We celebrated Thanksgiving with breakfast with Grandmom and Granddad and then ate later at Waffle House.
We wrapped up Christmas shopping, sent out Christmas cards and got ready for a great and full December!
We got all of the Christmas presents wrapped and even purchases some of our snacks to have for Christmas Day!


We started the month with a Christmas celebration with Matt's parents. 
We had some fun adventures throughout the Christmas season...many nights going to look at lights, making treats, fun with friends and then a great trip to Louisiana in mid-December.
GiGi came back home with us and spent the last part of December with us.
We celebrated Christmas Day with GiGi, Grandmom and Granddad.
We rung in the New Year in some fun ways and are look forward to 2018! 

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  1. What a fun year! (Minus the sickness parts.) You all are so much fun! I love your adventures!