Tuesday, June 25, 2013

20 Week Pregnancy Update {Half-Way}

As of today, I'm half way to my due date. SOOOO hard to believe!

Matt and I have taken a few pictures but I still feel like I've just gained weight! When there is a definite bump, I'll post pictures!! :) I talked to someone this week who said I didn't even look pregnant and my funny response has been "I just have more room already for the baby to grow before it shows". :)

A few things have happened since my last update. 

1. My belly button which is very much a deep innie is starting to show signs of being less of an innie. Nowhere near poking out just less in.

2. I can feel the baby moving up in my stomach and my uterus expanding which is pretty cool. If Matt presses firmly on my stomach he can feel it too.

3. I am feeling some slight flutters in my belly which indicates movement but they are SOOO quick and unexpected that I am still not convinced that it what it is. The doctor says I can feel them anywhere between 17 weeks and 23 weeks so maybe it will be more defined soon.

4. We have our Anatomy Scan/Ultrasound on July 3rd and I can't wait to see the little munchkin! We have a fully formed itty bitty baby in there so I'm hoping we get some good pictures.

5. Strangest thing to happen so far is that EVERY morning without fail I have to wake up before the alarm to use the bathroom. It's not urgent but I wake up and then realize I've gotta get up to tee tee. Funniest thing to me. I'm sure it will get more urgent as weeks roll by.

6. Since my last update, we finished our baby registry. We registered at Babies R' Us and it was fun. I cannot wait to receive little necessities for our baby!

7. I have been wanting to eat lots of grapes too. Unfortunately, they are not cheap to purchase so I've just been forgoing that craving until this weekend. We found them on a good sale at the grocery. I was thrilled and Matt was mad because I'm not sharing! ;-)

8. I signed up to go to 2 consignment sales in August. I'm excited to attend because they usually have great deals and I'm hoping to get some items for the baby.

9. We are in full swing in preparing for cloth diapering. We will use newborn disposables until baby is outgrowing those and then we will go to full cloth diapers. I am excited. I've been building my stockpile, doing research and having fun with it. So glad that it's all the rage now because that means LOTS of options.

10. My friend Mandy, who has three children, is going through old baby items and is handing down lots of good things to me! I am thrilled about that because anything that doesn't have to be put on the registry is awesome to be. And who doesn't love free stuff!?!?!

**I guess that's it for this update. I had one more thing to share but due to pregnancy brain, I can no longer remember it!**

11. Just remembered it! We signed up for Prepared Childbirth Classes and Breastfeeding classes. They start in August! YAY!!


  1. Exciting times :)

  2. I'm trying to figure out when we should register! I'm 12 weeks and I walked around Buy Buy Baby yesterday. SO MUCH STUFF! LOL