Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bzz Agent--AMDRO PowerFlex Pest and Weed System

In the most recent BzzAgent campaign, we received the AMDRO PowerFlex Pest and Weed System to review. We weren't sure about the product at first because we don't have a ton of yard maintenance to do. However, we received it right about the time we were starting a vegetable garden. So it was perfect for us to use! 

Here's the full system we received. 

In action...

We used the Yard and Perimeter Outdoor to spray ants. For this, we found that we got mixed results. In some cases, it worked and in some, it didn't. 

We also used it to spray weeds in our yard. 

For this one, we used the Lawn Weed Killer and it obviously worked. 

We probably would not have purchased this product prior to the review but now that we have tried it and realized what good work it does, we have recommended it to several people and will consider purchasing more in the future. It is available at most hardware type stores including The Home Depot.

**We received this product for free from BzzAgent. All opinions are our own.

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