Thursday, June 13, 2013


Well, as of July 1st, I will no longer be a Scentsy Consultant. I joined Scentsy in August of last year because we had some extra cash and I knew that I would eventually be staying home with a baby or babies and we thought it would be good as extra income.

When I joined, there were no minimum requirements in place but as of April 1st, they have instated a $150 earning for one month every three months. This isn't that much but since I work full time right now and I am pregnant, this just isn't something I can feasibly do.

Matt and I talked about it and decided that maybe that just means I need to let it go. I'm a bit sad because I hoped to use it as income down the road but also, I know that I don't need to over-do anything right now. That being said, as of June 30th, I'll no longer be selling Scentsy. I know some great girls who do sell the products and I'll be glad to contact them if you are interested in purchasing anything. Thanks for your business thus far!


  1. It's always a little bitter sweet when one chapter of your life comes to a close, but I'm sure you guys made the right decision together :)

    I think it might be fun to sell scentsy but it would be way too tempting to not spend every dime I earned on new scentsy bars...which my husband hates haha

  2. I just came across your blog when I was doing a search for my business. I am a Scentsy Director and I urge you not to give up. There are so many ways to earn the $150 PRV every 3 months. We have a list in our workstation with 50 ways and I'd be happy to help you! Contact me if you'd like. Good Luck with your new baby! :)