Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Miracle before our very eyes!

I just wanted to pop in and share an awesome miracle! 

In March, during my first OB visit, I had some blood drawn for what the nurse said were "initial labs". I had already informed the billing department that we were NOT using maternity insurance so we needed to know about all charges because we would be paying out of pocket for EVERYTHING. 

The billing department apparently did not get the information clearly because they still tried to file with our regular insurance. On May 9th, I received a form from the lab company saying that they needed to have further insurance information because my health insurance denied the claim for the labs. Along with this form was an invoice number as well as an amount of the claim of $716.00!!!

I immediately called the lab company and explained to them that the insurance wouldn't cover it and that it shouldn't have been filed initally. She was VERY helpful and understood where I was coming from. She said that given that I was self-pay, they could give me a 25% discount. I was a little bummed (read: a LOT bummed) that they could only give that amount off but I was grateful, nonetheless, for a reduction in the amount. 

At the end of the conversation, the customer service rep said we shouldn't pay it yet because it was still out to the insurance and that I should await the full bill and then give them the information she had provided to me. 

Today, we got that bill and I was holding my breath when I opened! 

That's when the miracle happened! The bill was originally $716 but the bill reflected adjustments of $568.50 and making our bill only $147.50!!!!!!! 

We were both stunned and so excited!

I quickly wrote that check and mailed it! 

Thank you, Jesus!

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