Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Christian Mama's Guide to Baby's First Year by Erin Macpherson {A Book Review}

I recently received the book The Christian Mama's Guide to Baby's First Year (Everything you need to know to survive (and Love) your first year as a Mom) by Erin Macpherson to review from This book was given to me to review as a complimentary copy by BookSneeze. All opinions are my own.

A bit about the author first. Erin is a mom of three who formerly worked for Nickelodeon and now write a personal blog, authors several books and articles. And last but not least, she is a Christian mama which is so encouraging. 

When I first saw the book list from BookSneeze, I had a hard time choosing and then I scrolled down and saw this book and knew I had to get it. 

Erin is very honest and humorous in her writing and she gives a great deal of GOOD information for new moms and moms in general. There are chapters in the book about babies and sleep, nursing and formula feeding, diapers, baby necessities and even a bit of info for dad. The information was relevant and real. She gave great viewpoints on all of the aspects of motherhood that she presented. The chapters were just long enough to present information without it becoming redundant. 

 Although, I don't agree with everything Erin wrote (and honestly, that's how it will be with books like this because she presents varying information and you can't do it all), I loved the way she presented and she made the reader feel like the most important thing you can do as a mother is to love your baby. The other decisions are important too but love is chief. 

I would recommend this book to any new mom and am even considering giving as gifts to expecting moms!


  1. I might have to check this book out! I'm 12 weeks and just devouring all the books I can get my hands on :)

  2. What an interesting book. We're gonna start trying for a baby within the next few months so I'm collecting baby book ideas. :-)

  3. Hm that sounds interesting. Theres so many mom books but I've never seen a Christian one!