Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Weekend---And a few other days too :)

This weekend we celebrated Matt and his first Father's Day. Well, his first Father's Day as a father of a baby in the womb. :)

When I asked him what he wanted to do, he said he wanted to go eat BBQ at a local place in town. We had been to this place before and it wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either. Last week, I heard that Tryon, NC had their Blue Ridge BBQ Festival going on so I asked Matt if he wanted to go and he was all in! 

Here are a few pictures from that night. 

All dressed up and ready for our date! 

There were lots of competitors there and some of their set ups were so fun! 

And obviously, we were excited for BBQ. Our first stop was for BBQ Nachos and let me just say...They rocked! We shared. 

Next stop was for Roasted Corn on the Cob! YUM!!

And lastly, we got a brisket sandwich and we were disappointed. It was dry and not that good. BOO!

We stopped to listen to some music and these 3 guys were cracking us up. :)

This little girl was getting down! Matt took this picture of her shirt because I thought it was cute! Maybe I'll make one in the future. 

As we were leaving, they were inflating this hot air balloon and we watched as they did. We were both a little sad because one of our goals is to ride in a hot air balloon together but since I'm with child, we won't be doing that just yet! 

Saturday morning, I took my guy to Hardee's. Despite his sleepy eyes, he actually slept late! :)

He got a gravy biscuit and was happy! 

We spent the whole weekend together and just had fun. We relaxed, watched movies, cooked, had Krispy Kreme, took a nap, and other good stuff. Love you Matt! 

While I'm here, I'll just post a few more pictures from recently. 

This was Matt's joke hair-do one day. He didn't leave the house like this! 

Mom gave me this bookshelf when we were in Louisiana. We were excited because we knew it would be perfect for cookbooks and it fits just right in the corner of our living room! 

Dinner one night! Mexican hamburgers. YUM!

We have been looking for a devotional to do together. We decided we wanted one that we could do at dinner because once we get in the bed, it's sleeping time! We walked in the store and not long after, we saw this one. Perfect, huh? 

Onions from our garden! YUM!!

And Zucchini too! 

First big baby item we received. The diaper bag! YAHOO!! 

A cloth diaper I ordered from Zulily. Geaux Tigers!! 

Auntie Jill and Uncle Garrett sent Baby M's first burp cloth. LOVE! 

My guy and I leaving church Sunday. Keeping him! 

Two more zucchini from our garden! 

And last but not least, a little balloon wreath making. I am so grateful for this little side business! 


  1. Glad he had a fun first Father's day!! We went to the BBQ festival a few years ago and we enjoyed it.

    I love your diaper bag! Nice!

    And please tell me what's in a mexican hamburger. That sounds delish!