Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Farm Visit!

Friday we went to our friends' farm and had the best time. We have been trying to make it happen for way too long and Friday was the perfect day for it! 

When we arrived, the kids played for a bit then we put Maddox down for a nap and headed outside for the good stuff. ;-)

They had baby chicks and ducks and Mason was a little cautious. 

He was a good helper putting down some shavings...

He finally warmed up and held a duck, too. 

Isn't his buddy the cutest?? 

We saw horse, too. A rode, Mason didn't. :) 

Mason ate honeysuckle! 

They played. And the mommas even got to TALK! 


We got the kiddos a snack and then Maddox got up from nap. Before we left, he got to have some honeysuckle, too! 

He also ate a dandelion. 😂


These friends are the best of friends. 

I love that we have friends that live in the country so we can have adventures that we don't get to have daily in town. We are grateful for them! 

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