Thursday, May 4, 2017

What I Learned {April 2017}

Well, I'm a bit behind on this post for April but wanted to jot down a few things I learned this month...

1-- My life is so much better when I delete the Facebook app from my phone. 
A friend shared that she was reducing Facebook time and I was inspired and deleted Facebook from my phone. I've done this from time to time in the past but this has been the most consistent I've been thus far. I still check in daily but it's not consuming me and I don't find myself just mindlessly scrolling!

2--Saving for something continues to be worth the wait. 
We are savers. We've always been savers and I pray we always will be. That being said, we saved for a car for many years and in April we bought a car. It was such a fun experience and we are super grateful that we waited. 

3--Reading is just my happy place. 
For the last four years, I've been a pretty consistent reader but at times, I find myself not reading as much. When that happens, I notice a difference in myself. Reading is such a great break from reality for me and I just need it. As of April 30th, I have finished 24 books for this year. 

4--Friendships are worth the effort
In the last year, many of my friendships have changed. I had a baby and life got busier. I don't get out as much because of said baby. I am working a little bit different schedule. Etc. Etc Etc. That being said, when I make time to foster friendships, I know I'm making the right choice. I'm grateful that friends have stuck close to me during this season and I'm looking forward to getting out with more ease in the coming months! 

And I had one more in my head but it's gone...haha! 

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