Monday, May 1, 2017

Mason {3.5 Years Old}

The big guy in our house is THREE AND A HALF TODAY!!! We usually try to celebrate half birthdays in our family, mostly for the kiddos, so hopefully we will have a special day with our guy. 

I wanted to talk some today about some of the things Mason is up to these days. I know I blog about our day to day all of the time so this will be more about his abilities, etc. :) 

Mason is HILARIOUS! He loves to laugh and make others laugh. He's starting to tell jokes more frequently. He also uses humor to try to get out of trouble. Example: He will do something he knows he shouldn't do and then say, "Thats funny, Mom!" NOPE. Nice try bud! 

He is doing so well in speech. He goes twice a week right now and he will go once a week during the summer. He loves his therapists and he is such a trooper. He's starting accepting speech help more at home, too, which is great! We are so proud of his improvement. 

He went through a period of pushing/shoving and just some aggression and in the last few months that has really gone away almost completely. I am so grateful for this and also so impressed with how he is learning to channel his frustrations in a better way. Like anything, we still have our moments but improvement is always a plus! 

The things he learns are just amazing to me. He will suddenly start talking about something and Matt and I will just be blown away that he even knows those things in the first place. haha! Just yesterday, he started spouting off the days of the week. Never taught that to him directly which makes it even more exciting. Just picking things in day to day life is so funny. 

Mason LOVES to dance. He loves music and is often asking for a dance party. 

This guy would read for hours everyday if schedule allowed. He enjoys it so much and often we will sit and read for a full hour when Maddox takes his morning nap. 

Just as he loves reading, he thrives on play time, especially outside play time. As for inside play time, it's becoming more and more imaginative and that's super fun to see and play along with. 

Mason is an excellent sleeper and eater. He likes most foods and rarely complains about what's on his plate. He moved to his big bed two weeks ago and he's done super well. Again, he has his moments but they are rare. 

He loves his people. His parents, his brother, his friends and their families. He enjoys being around people so much. 

I mentioned intelligence above and want to share a little more. During his recent speech evaluation, they assess receptive/expressive language and in some areas, he was at a 5-7 year old level. whoa! During our school time at home, we are working on pre-writing skills, comparisons of different types, holding a pencil, following directions and things like that. He does really well and we work about 30 directed minutes each day. 

Mason loves adventures. Dates with Mom or Dad, family nights, movie nights, road trips, etc. He's all in all of the time. I love that about him. 

Mason, we are super proud of who you are. Keeping being you, Bud. 

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