Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring Fling

Friday, April 28th, we headed downtown to Spring Fling. We've gone most of the last six years and this was no different. We like Friday night because it has the Spartanburg Criterium bike races. 

We headed downtown right around 5. We were ready! 

Mason needed a water fountain minute before we really got going. :) 

Maddox had his own water break! He guzzled water all evening! 

Some of the amateur races were going on so we headed there first. 


Then we headed for food. Mason was eating the food off of this sign because he was so hungry! 

We shared chicken gyro tacos, fries and Philly cheesesteak. Maddox was being impatient. ;-)

After eating, we walked through the booths set up and watched this gentleman forging. That was so neat. 

Back to the bike races...I love these blue eyed boys. 

Matt got these pictures of Mason and me. :) 

Maddox and I did some walking while Matt took Mason to see the frisbee dog show.

The many faces of Mason...



After the show, Mason got some ice cream and then we played a few games on Wall Street. 

Games wore them out so they needed some relaxation...


More games...




We did a little more strolling...

Little Bit couldn't hang anymore...

He gone :) 

It was a fun filled Friday night and we are glad we got to go again this year! 

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