Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Morgan Family Road Trip: Day 2

On Day 2, the boys were up at the CRACK of dawn. Like 5:45...Yeah, my thoughts exactly! 

Our boys had breakfast and Matt and I had the leftover sub sandwiches...again, we wished later on that we hadn't. Don't worry, I'll update more on that later...

The kiddos played a bit and watched a few videos before we got onto the road again. 


We were only about 2.5 hours from our second stop so it was a quick and fun drive. 

Hi, Kentucky!! 

We got into Paducah right before lunch. Our AirBNB host had said we could check in around noon so we headed to eat and then meet him. But first, a little train tour. ;) 

PIZZA is coming our way!! 

Italian Village Pizza...YUM! 


Mason even got to see the workers tossing the pizza dough. I missed the picture but wanted to remember the memory. :) 

Silly goose tried every seat he passed. :) 

Matt got us all checked in and then. we headed right up to this balcony. The best view of the whole trip! 

But we were tired so we looked and then slept. :) 

After naps, we were all refreshed so we headed out for some exploring. Mason had our "map". 

First stop: ICE CREAM! 


A little more train looking...

A few views around town...


We went to a park to let the boys play for a bit. It was pretty warm so we didn't last long. 




Phew! WORN OUT! 

Dinner choice! 

This little squirrel was a little too close for my comfort as he begged for food! 

Love my people! 

soooooo good! 

A little naked jay action after bath time. 😂

Sweet boys before bed. 

Mason stayed up a little while and played some games with Matt on the balcony. I had started to feel a bit crummy at this point so I was resting...

This was my bright and beautiful! 

It got pretty noisy right at the end of the night as a prom was being held across the street. Mason got to see some skateboarders and just all kinds of excitement. We were all in bed pretty early after such a fun day! 

Mason fell out of his bed that night so he ended up in bed with us....adventures abound! 

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