Saturday, June 10, 2017

Maddox is ONE! {HIs BIG Day!}

We woke up Tuesday morning with a ONE YEAR OLD!!! And we celebrated to the fullest! 

We tossed balloons and a brother in Maddox's bed. He was a little uncertain and almost cried from shock but I handed him his milk cup and he perked up. :) 

After that we got up and brought Maddox to his presents. He was pretty darn excited but I'm pretty sure Mason was more excited. :) 




Mason gave Maddox some beads and balls. Perfect gift! 



We had a yummy breakfast and played for a while before his morning nap. While he napped, Matt, Mason and I played Candy Land. It looked like Matt would win, then me but Mason prevailed due to some crappy card draws by Matt and myself! 


After nap was over, our neighbor came over with a gift for Maddox (and Mason, too, because why wouldn't she? :)) Then we headed to lunch at Golden Corral. 
Mouths full all around. :) 

We all took family naps and then played some more. 

Then it was time for cake!!! Maddox got some great pictures with his camera and I'll share those soon. 


Mason decided to have his cupcake in the buff. :) 

Mason was having a bit of a hard day dealing with the attention on Maddox. Matt took Maddox on a special date and Mason and I stayed home. Snuggles and a movie with Mom perked him up. 

Maddox's reaction to Matt saying he was going to get him a massage. 😂

Play time with Dad! 

We ate chicken nuggets and fries for dinner and then went for a walk. Mason wanted to pick this HUGE flower for me but settled for a picture. 

It was a good day to celebrate our boy and we have plans for more celebrations coming up! 

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