Friday, June 2, 2017

The Morgan Family Road Trip: Day 9

Day 9 was our only full day in Memphis and we tried to make the most of it! 
I was up early to potty and I had to sneak past Maddox and I woke him up. So, I had to lay on the bathroom floor for an hour until time to wake up. haha! Thankfully, he did fall back asleep. 

We had a delicious hotel breakfast and when Maddox went down for nap, Matt and Mason took on the pool. They swam for almost an hour and a half. 

After that, we all got dressed and headed here! 

We got there right as they opened and had the place to ourselves. Maddox was ready! 

The menu was so awesome. We wanted one of everything. 

Happy guy. This was his one request of the trip and he was NOT disappointed. 

We got the sampler with pulled pork, ribs and chicken with sides and toast. It was incredible. 

After lunch, we stopped for donuts for later. We just picked a place close to us and it did not disappoint. Mason couldn't either. :) 

We all napped well and then headed to Target to run off some steam. The boys touched every toy in the store while I browsed behind them and Matt sipped coffee. It was a good choice! 

We also went to Petco and a few other stores just browsing and exploring. It was lots of fun. We drove over much of Germantown and loved the area. We had leftover BBQ for dinner and walked around Walgreens and the hotel. The boys were worn out so we didn't want to drive much more. 


Our last treat of the night was Mason getting to sit by the poolside for a while. It was too late to swim but this made him quite happy. 

It was such a beautiful visit to Memphis and I think we would really want to visit there again. 

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  1. Memphis is a great place! I'm totally biased because we live here, but it truly is. Wouldn't want to raise my family anywhere else. On your next trip, I recommend venturing more into town. The boys would love to wade in the scaled model of the Mississippi at Mud Island and play at the splash park at Beale Street Landing, and we have a ridiculously huge Bass Pro downtown that has the BEST view of the city. The duck march at the Peabody is a hit with kids (and adults!), and the best local barbecue place, Central BBQ, has a location downtown, too! (I know Memphis has a bad rep for crime, but honestly, downtown is the safest zip code in the city, and being out and about with kids during the day is completely common!)