Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 21}

Week 20 was our trip so we move from week 19 to week 21. Although, I think we thoroughly recapped week 20. :) 

That Monday morning came with a harsh reality that vacation was over! Mason was up and headed to speech for 8 and Maddox and I got started on laundry. About 9:30 a knock came and our sweet neighbor was delivering HOT Krispy Kreme donuts. I can never resist. I love them. 

Mason, too! 

See that laundry? Yeah, me either. I see those sweet boys reading together. :) 

Pure shenanigans with this guy. 

Later on, he was pouting big time so I pouted with him. I mean, solidarity. 

Sometimes you just need to get into your underwear and watch the National Geographic Bee says Mason. :) 

This guy is non-stop right now. He truly sits still for sleeping and eating. :) 

Last day of speech has come! WAH!!! 

Miss Allie will be at a new job soon so this was our last day to see her. That was a sad moment. Mason gave a high five but I missed it. Just wanted to post the picture because it was definitely a memory. 

Later on that day, our neighbor brought over a little bit of watermelon and Maddox got down on it!! 

Wednesday morning was a fun one! Mason saw a craft in one of his magazines and he wanted to try it. You mix tempera paint and soap together and paint on foil and it dries. It was great and Mason loved that it was his idea. :) 

Love this one. 

Wednesday afternoon got a little crazy as it tends to do sometimes and big bro lost his story time privilege before nap happened. Matt came home and we rallied and made popcorn and watched a movie. 

Well, Maddox played. He's not into movies. :) 

I love the way these two love each other. Thursday morning started off well. 

I headed to work that afternoon and Matt took the boys to the library. 


Mason got a cool video and lost it from a poor behavior choice before they left the library. Ah, parenting. 

I worked that afternoon and then I got to meet this little one! Sweet visit, cuddles and I brought them a little bit of Wade's yumminess. :) 

Meanwhile, brother bath time. Nothing sweeter. Usually. ;-)

Friday, I love it! 

We met Matt at the Chinese buffet restaurant right near Home Depot as a special Friday treat because we almost survived our first week post vacation and we deserved it. :)
We stopped to visit our neighbor when we got back and Maddox mowed her grass. :)

That wore him out so then he needed to read...

Or maybe not??

After nap, I was at work and Matt tried out the new-to-us coffee pot. Mason helped. As he says, "I'm a good helper." and he really is. 

Dinner date for the guys Friday night as per usual. Fork skills are getting there! :) 

We headed to the grocery store right after and then came home to put this together! We have been wanting a deck box but they are so expensive. Thanks to a memorial day sale and a banking rewards gift card, we got one in our budget! yay! 

Saturday morning I had a CPR class and Matt took the boys to the Farmer's Market. 

Our purchase. :) 

Maddox is so proud of himself for getting onto the sofa when a stool is up next to it. I, personally, am not so sure. 

After nap, we headed to Kid's Planet @ Century Park in Greer and it was a new to us park. Many people have bragged on it to us and while it was big, we were kind of unimpressed. The kids enjoyed it but Matt and I didn't feel like it was worth the drive. 


After the park, we headed to Culver's for dinner and custard. YUM! 




Our last stop of the day was to our friend's little library. We didn't have a book to leave but we took one to read for a while. 

This week ended with Maddox taking his last bottle! WAH! He will be one in just a few days!! 


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