Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Morgan's Movements: Week 22

This past Sunday was our last Sunday with evening services and therefore our last Sunday morning with a chill start. :) Maddox started it off reading. :) 


We spent the day at home and after 5:00 church service, we had ice cream at Dairy Queen. Yay for coupons and gift cards! :) 

Monday was Memorial Day and I already recapped that.

Tuesday started out slow...Maddox loves his chair and you can always find him here at some point of the day. :) 

It was also laundry day and Maddox used the large mound of laundry to climb to previously unreachable places. :) 

I love this boy and his love for reading.

That morning we did a fun activity and played with shaving cream! We wrote letters, drew pictures and drove cars through it. 




Sleepy head joined us later. :) 

That afternoon when I headed to work, Matt and Mason got haircuts! 

Then it was on to the summer reading program sign up party!!
Maddox knew where to get the ice cream! 



Wednesday morning was SILLY! We listen to a song that says "Laurie has a pig on her head. Laurie has a pig on her head. Laurie has a pig on her head and she keeps there all day" So we pulled out all of Mason's animals and sang the song about each one. It was so fun! 

After lunch we took a walk and lasted less than 30 minutes. It's getting hot out there! 


Cooling off with some water

Storytime is the perfect afternoon respite from the summer heat. :) 


This sweet boy loves his books these days. Matt and Maddox were playing and Maddox walked away to read. :) 

Mason and I had some duties to help friends and when we got home, we finished the night with smoothies. 

Thursday morning shenanigans with sleepy heads. :) 

Child labor. I have no regrets. :) 

I love my mornings with this guy. I know the day will come when Maddox doesn't nap in the mornings so we soak it up for now. Reading, shows, iPad games, school, you name it. He's my bud. 

We enjoyed some good lunch. Mason chose kiwi on his hot dog...weird! 

That night was spaghetti. Not sure if Maddox was a fan?!?

Friday was just a chill morning at home with a quick grocery trip. It was also National Donut Day and when I headed to work, Matt took the boys to pick some up. :) 
Quite the crowd...

So they ate theirs at the park. Smart Daddy! 

I met them at the park for a bit and then we headed to dinner. Friday night dinner is always fun. Maddox was looking down at his belly. :) 

We got home to a package from GiGi! A bubble machine! 

Saturday morning was work for me. Matt got the boys ready and captured this moment. 

Then it was off to the Farmer's Market! Mason said something about being hungry at one of the booths and he scored a free peach! :) 

Maddox took his nap and Mason took a "bath". :) 

The Farmer's Market haul. :) 

That afternoon we all napped and then we headed to Croft. We hoped to hike but the boys were kinda cranky so we took a quick walk and picnicked by the lake. 

Too busy eating. :) 


The heat got to this boy. He was red from warmth and sweaty which gave him the best hair! :) 

Matt and I ended the week with an at home date night of BBQ shrimp thanks to a Louisiana haul in March, foot rubs and snuggles. It was a good week! 

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