Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Jesus Bible {A Book Review}

Y'all!! I am so excited about this bible! I am always looking for excellent Christian resources to share with my boys on a daily basis. We have many devotionals and of course, books that are biblically based and I loved those. My mom even gave Mason a book about bible stories for boys when he turned one. This bible, My Jesus Bible, was requested with Maddox in mind. He will be 18 months at  Christmas and I think this book will be good for him. 

My Jesus Bible begins with bible stories that start at Jesus' birth and go on through his resurrection. The illustrations are brightly colored and consistent. The stories are short and will be easy for kids to follow. While short, they are good representations of the full bible stories, in my opinion. 

The bible has a handle to make it easy for little ones to hold onto. I think this will be a treasure in our house for years to come. 

I think this would be good for ages 1-3. 

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