Sunday, June 4, 2017

What I Learned {May 2017}

Let's recap things I learned in May...

1. I really like my bed! 
We travelled for a long trip and stayed in 6 different places in 10 days and some of those beds were incredible. I mean, incredible. However, I really learned that I love my bed. 

2. I miss our shows when they end. 
Matt and I watch several shows together during the week and we often get behind on them. However, we are now all caught up and all of our shows have ended for the season, too. Sad face. I miss them for sure! 

3. Traveling makes me want to travel more! 
All of the fun we had on our trip along with the relaxation and just good time being together makes me want to travel more. We discussed often what we'd like our next trip to be and we can't wait to plan it! 

I think that's all for this month. I usually try to keep up with them during the month but between the trip and just general busyness that May seems to bring, it didn't happen. :) 

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