Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Etsy Shop...I need your help :)

Hi There!

I'm stopping in to ask for a little help from you guys!

Most of you know that I have a (small) Etsy shop ( where I sell the wreaths I make. Here's an example:

Currently for sale, I have some yarn wreaths, fabric scrap wreaths and balloon wreaths. As we near getting ready for baby and we make plans for me to stay home (which we really feel like is what we are supposed to do), I am looking to expand my business which would bring in that extra bit of income for unexpected things and it would give me some work to do from home while I am with the baby.

Here's where you come in. I need you to answer these few questions for me to help me grow my business.

1. What is your favorite wreath that I have in my shop? 

2. If you don't have a like for the wreaths currently in the shop, what are some wreaths that you've seen that you like and would possibly purchase if they were available in my shop? Or what are some adjustments you'd recommend to my current wreaths to make them more appealing? 

3. Would you be willing to advertise my shop on your blog in return for a free custom wreath? 

4. What are some ideas you have for advertising/marketing my wreaths and the wreaths I will make in the future? 

Side note:
I am currently working on making some burlap wreaths as I realize these have become popular recently. It's a new wreath to me so it will take me some time to get it ready to sell, I assume. (I'm a bit of a perfectionist.) Also, for the balloon wreaths, I can do custom colors for these but I need to know in advance because I will have to order the correct colors and have them shipped to me.

Thanks in advance for your input. If you are interested in #3, please e-mail me at slpleslieanne at


  1. Well... :)

    My personal favorites in your shop right now are the yarn wreaths. That look great and they are affordable (always a big selling point for me).

    I'm really looking forward to these burlap wreaths, that sounds really pretty. Have you ever made them with initials? I can easily see myself hanging a burlap wreath with our initial on the door once we're married.

    I'd be more than happy to help you advertise on my blog. I'm working towards the same goal of working my business from home by the time we have children so I can be flexible and be with them. I think that's awesome!

  2. Hi there! My favorite are also the yarn wreath-which I love and am proudly displaying on my front door! :)

    Like Danielle, I have seen cute ones with initials (sometimes covered in moss) and with burlap. Those seem really popular. You could maybe also do a "birthday" theme one.

    I'm happy to spread the word about your wreaths/business through my blog/twitter/fb, etc! :)

    Have you thought about possibly selling them at craft shows?

    Good luck!! They are awesome! :)

  3. You know me, I like the fabric wreath (love it!) I'll be glad to share your info for no cost - it's just the Southern Way, right? :) The only two suggestions would be larger wreathes? And I LOVE the initial idea. (Go Danielle!)

    LOVE your wreaths - they are super cute!

  4. 1. What is your favorite wreath that I have in my shop? The yard wreaths are my favorite

    2. I'd love to see some more "earthy" kind of wreaths. Like burlap wreaths like mentioned above. I bet those would sell well.

    3. Sure!

    4. I think word of mouth is the BEST way to advertise. Tell everyone you know about your wreaths. Then, the next time they know someone that needs a wreath, they'll be like, "Oh, hey, check out my friend's wreaths." Make a FB page and invite all your friends. Be active on this FB business page. Host a giveaway. Include hand written notes on cute stationery with each wreath you ship out. Just a few suggestions :)

  5. Question 1: I like the balloon wreaths you've posted; they look charming on their own. Question 2: You can try more materials for your wreaths, such as for example, for your balloon wreaths—you can add some strips or curls of shiny wrapping paper to stand out. Question 3: Here's an idea, when you have a customer who buys a wreath from you, you can ask them for a testimonial like having a pic of them with their wreath hanging. Then you can link their blog or any social media account to that picture on your Etsy shop or your own blog. Question 4: If you have the money, you can try hiring SEO services, but even if you don't, it's necessary to brush up on your know-how on social media accounts for better optimization for your site.

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