Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day 2014 {Matt's First}

As you saw last week, we went to Outback for a quick lunch one day last week to treat Matt to lunch before Father's Day. I have been trying to work when I can and an opportunity arose to work on Father's Day. Matt and I discussed it and decided I would work that morning and Matt and Mason would spend the morning together. Then in the afternoon, we would have family time. It worked perfectly. 

But let me back up...Since I was working Sunday but I still wanted to cook Matt a meal that he wanted, I cooked Saturday night. Matt's menu requests: 
Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart bread
Pecan Rolls
Rootbeer floats

I was able to make all of his requests and he was quite pleased! 

Sunday morning before I left for work, Mason and I gave Matt his gift. This hand-drawn caricature. I plan to review this soon. We all love it. A perfect gift! 

While I was working, my guys were enjoying their morning together and they sent me pics to prove it! 
Smiles during breakfast! 


More BIG smiles! I love those little teeth!

I got home about 1:15 and when Mason woke up at 3, we left for the park. 
When I take pictures of Mason with my phone, I take several in quick succession hoping I get one that works. These pictures of my guys crack me up! 

We got to the park, Mason spent about 45 minutes in the swing and was in heaven. While there, we FaceTimed with both my Dad and stepmom & Matt's Mom and Dad. Everyone was happy to see each other. Mason showed plenty of smiles, his two teeth and his swinging ability. Then, we moved on to the slide! 

And from there, a walk around the block.

And our last stop was Moe's! We had a gift card so Matt got to get one of his favorite foods on a day just for him. And Mason took a little taste of the table.

We had a great day together! And we certainly did celebrate Matt!

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