Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mason {Month 7} + {Photos}

Mason turned 7 months old on June 1st! How is it possible that it is past June 1st? Hello, Summer!!

We had hoped to take these pictures on the 1st but our little buddy just wasn't feeling well that day. We were just a few days behind and thankfully, on this day, Mason was feeling much better. Some are just of him lounging in his cute cloth diaper and the others are more posed. He is getting hard to photograph these days!

First up, my favorite:

Weight: 20 pounds 12 ounces

Height: Not sure on this exactly but judging by outfits, I'd say he is about 27 1/2 inches or so right now

Nicknames: Bugga Buggas, Mase Mase, Masuh Masuh, Mase of Base (yes, I know these names are cheesy! They just come out! Stink Pot, Stink Stink


**Y'all I LOVE nicknames! Growing up, I probably had no less than 10 nicknames at any given time. I have a younger boy cousin and when he was born, I was so excited to give him nicknames but you know what? He HATES nicknames! So, when Mason was born, I guess all of those pent up years of no nicknames just came out and therefore, Mason has 1 million nicknames! :)

Eating: Mason still takes 4 bottles a day at 7a, 11a, 3p, and 7p and most of the time each bottle is 8 ounces. Sometimes, he will surprise us and drink 6 but it is rare.

Solids: This boy LOVES some solids. I am making his food and it has been fun! This month he had sweet potatoes (5/2), prunes (5/7), peas (5/11), peaches (5/17) blueberries (5/21), black beans (5/26) and apricots (5/31)

Sleeping: Mason is still sleeping great! He had a few interrupted naps/nights because of coughing but nothing major. He naps 9-11a, 1-3p, and 5-5:45p and sleeps 7p-7a.

Diapers: Mason is wearing cloth diapers pretty consistently during the day even when we go out (unless we will be gone a long time). At night, he wears size 4 Pampers baby dry and we haven't had any leaking this month!). During the day, if needed, he wears size 4 LUVS. I'm hoping to get the next size up in LUVS to try for overnight because they are a little less expensive than the pampers.

Clothes: We are in a wide range here. Mason can still wear a few of his 6 month sleepers but most everything is 6-9, 6-12 or 9 months and we are even moving into some 12 month outfits. AH!!

Social: Smiling at everything. Loves to laugh. He has a little serious side, too. It only comes out with a few people with our friend, Jenn, being one of them! He makes her work hard to get a smile out of him! Mason is also starting to anticipate some things during social interaction. For example, Matt likes to sing a certain song with him and bounce him up and down. When Mason hears the song start, he starts laughing/smiling! Mason is also big time babbling/chattering during the day. Early in the morning, when we wakes up, he is talking to himself in his crib.

New/fun things from this month: Army crawling EVERYWHERE! This kid is a pro army crawler. He started on 5/12 and hasn't looked back! Couple this with is amazing ability to roll anywhere, and we can't take our eyes off of him for long. :)  He is also getting into crawling stance on his hands and knees, most often in his crib at the end of his naps. This started on 5/24 and on 5/26 he started rocking back and forth.

Mason got to meet his Great Uncle Jeff, Great Aunt Kelly and two of their children (his cousins), Noah and Emma on May 21st. He liked them a lot. They brought him this cool ball tower and it just might be his favorite toy. It will be extra fun once he learns what to do with it!


The first tooth in popping through and has been for the last two weeks. On 5/18, Matt felt a little nub and since then, each day it is just coming out a little more.

Mason got his first chance at swinging on 5/22 at Happy Hollow Park while we were there with the MOMS club. He was a HUGE fan and was in the swing for probably 30 minutes.


Likes: Any and all foods! Boy likes to eat. Good thing he can't find the refrigerator yet! ;-) Door stoppers. His toy corner in our living room. A little alone play time, on 5/21, he was in his toy corner playing and was so content so I just watched him as I did things around the house. He played for 30+ minutes. Mason likes when some fake snores or even makes a snort like a pig. It makes him crack up!

Dislikes: Sitting alone; He can sit up but for some reason, he doesn't like to! Most of the time when I try to put him in sitting position, he pushes up on his feet/legs and stands. He is able to sit for up to 3 minutes when he will.  Crazy kid! having his nose suctioned. Being in his jumperoo a second longer than he thinks he should.

Mason had his first ear infections (yes, double!) on 5/27. He had been a little feverish but I attributed it to teething. I took him to see Dr. Shelly and he had two ear infections. Poor guy. Amoxicillin is knocking them out though!


Funnies: Earlier in the month, I laid him down for nap and after a few minutes, the monitor sounded really muffled. I went in and he was trying to eat the monitor and licking all over it. I took it from him and placed it in a place he couldn't reach. He stopped, looked at me and burst into tears!! I had to walk away because I was laughing!

Mommy: Mommy has been spit up on a LOT this month. Part of it, I think, has come from his little sinus drainage which causes him to cough at times and then spit up. NOT FUN! I'm trying to get Mason to tell me why he only does this when I'm home with him and not Daddy! ;-)

Daddy: Daddy and Mason made a Mother's Day craft for Mom. Mason painted a canvas with finger paints. That daddy knows what he is doing!
Matt sings "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" when holding Mason and at the "woo" part, he bounces him. Pretty sure Mason could do it for hours!

Comparison Pictures:


One Month:

Two Months:

Three Months:

Four Months:

Five Months:

Six Months:

Seven Months:


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