Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Lately, we have been doing lots of stuff. Matt's working full time + some. I am working mornings and afternoons when he isn't work and I'm also working some on his days off. It's working well for us.

 This weekend, we were supposed to go to Nashville to visit Matt's sister and her family and Matt's brother but Mason got double ear infections and our niece, Emelia, was sick, too. We were bummed to miss out but we are hoping to reschedule soon. This also meant that we were able to get a weekend at home just the three of us. Because of Matt's varying schedule, this rarely happens, so we were excited to be together. 

I worked a couple of hours Saturday morning and Matt was home with Mason. Look at those smiles! 

Mason was feeling better on Saturday so we decided we would head to Outback. We have a giftcard from Christmas and we were going to do an early Father's Day dinner for Matt. We got there at 5:20 and the wait was already an hour!!! That wouldn't have worked because it would be running into Mason's eating time and sleep time so we tossed that idea, grabbed quick/cheap dinner at the grocery and headed home. We ate dinner, put Mason down, ate ice cream and watched Person of Interest Season on DVD. It worked perfectly. 

We got up Sunday and began getting dressed for church, checked Mason's temp and it was 100+ so we stayed home. Our nursery asks that you not bring your baby to the nursery if fever has been present in the past 24 hours. We played a bit with Mason and when he napped, we watched church online. 

This little blurry stink pot loves to stand on one leg! 

And he also loves to get teeth. We aren't just getting one tooth now, it is two! 

We enjoyed our weekend together. 

And now, since blogger uploaded the pictures in a weird order, I will share some pictures from before this weekend because I don't want to go back and re-arrange. HAHA! 

Little guy LOVES blueberries! 

...and watching the rain through the window

Momma loves baking bread...

 ...and snuggling a little buddy who just wasn't himself! 

Mason and Mom don't like MD appts but sometimes they are necessary! 

Crazy kid! 

And we LOVE Facetime with GiGi! 

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  1. Sounds like a relaxing weekend! Our church does online service too which is so convenient sometimes! Did you know that outback does call ahead seating? Next time just call them and tell them what time you are coming. One of our favorite restaurants too!