Monday, June 23, 2014

Randomness as of late

These are some fun/random/silly pictures as of late. 

This little fella is quite adventurous. He likes to see/taste/touch EVERYTHING. 
In this instance, a box. 

We were so happy about our new diapers from Giving Diapers, Giving Hope!

Watching a little soccer with Daddy.

Exploring the crib after nap time.

Drinking a bottle outside while listening to the rain. Perfect evening.

Working on mastering holding the bottle. He can do it pretty consistently but I actually enjoy holding it/bonding during that time.

More exploring...

Baby boy eating broccol on the back porch.

Fella is serious about his bumbo time!

Well, maybe not so serious. :)

Love my boy!

Silly goose!

My Aunt Celie is a HUGE Yankees fan and she sent Mason this Yankees outfit/uniform. It is still a little big but he was more than happy to show it off!

Hey, Mason! Let's do some sitting activities....No thanks, Mom. I've got crawling to do today! 

And yet again, more exploring.

Hmm...what's in here!?

A little FaceTime with GiGi. Trying to wave! 

Smiley boy ready for the library

Love my sweetness

All signed up for Summer Reading Program

Mason gave Momma a footrub

Watching soccer with daddy. Go USA!

Ready for bed. Looking like a big boy! He won't wear these PJ's again for a little bit. The pants fell off in the night. HAHA!

Looking cute in the stroller on a little outing with Mom

FaceTime with GiGi

Sleepy Guy. Tried to see if we needed to drop a nap and then this happened. :)

First war wound

Night Night

Handsome guy! 

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