Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Beth K. Vogt {A Book Review}

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Beth K. Vogt reeled me in right from the beginning. I'm a sucker for a Christian romance/fiction novel to start with and this book was no different. 

Beth writes the story of a paramedic, Vanessa, and her soon-to-be-husband, Ted, as they prepare for their wedding. The preparations cause Vanessa to go back to her past and unpack history of years past related to her ex-husband, Logan. The twists in this story related to Vanessa's past are fun, challenging and some are unexpected and interesting. 

So, how did I feel about this book? I love Beth's writing style and this book is so easy to read and follow along with. In fact, I read this book in less than 3 nights of reading and I had trouble putting it down. I also loved the little nuances of the book that aren't what I would normally expect in a Christian romance novel. I don't want to share too much about that because I don't want to tell too much of the story. 

One of the other aspects of the book that was fun for me was the setting of the book. It is set part of the story in Destin, Florida which is beach that I am very familiar with so I was able to visualize places as I thought they might be. I also was able to relate to the hurricane storyline that is weaved through the book. 

Overall, this is an enjoyable Christian romance novel that I think offers something that not all other Christian romance novels offer. I enjoyed this book very much. 

**I received this book for free from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.**

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