Friday, August 14, 2015

Louisiana Trip: Day 7 {July-August 2015}

Well, you know what they say. All good things must come to an end. Here's the last day of our Louisiana trip. 

We were up and at 'em early for golf cart rides! 

And then, FISHING! The pole that Dad had for Mason was the fishing pole that we gave him when we told him we were expecting Mason so that was a fun full-circle moment.


Here comes the fish! 


Mason did not find it as interesting as we hoped he would but he enjoyed the crickets and the mud and so many other things! haha! 

After fishing, we headed straight for the pool! Mason was PUMPED to only have his swim diaper and float on. He enjoyed it so much and is learning to kick and "swim" so much! 

Swimming wears you out! Everyone needed rest! 

While Mason and Dad napped, I went for something special! My step-mom gave me an early birthday gift of a pedicure and manicure so I went out and enjoyed that down time! 

And I got a second frozen hot chocolate. I couldn't resist! 

When I got home, this was what I saw....spoiled rotten dog! 

Mason woke up from nap ready to go! and thankfully he had some puppy friends to play with again. 

Mason must have sensed it was the last day because he got awfully snuggly with PawPaw! 

Mason enjoyed one last bath in Louisiana with lots of bubbles! 

And a cool hairdo! 

Once the PJ's were on, Mason went around giving "knuckles" to PawPaw, MiMi and CeCe (Aunt Celie) and having a quick dance party! 

One last round of family selfies! 

And some night-night snuggles for PawPaw. The best part? This was completely spontaneous and PawPaw was very happy! 

We had such a GOOD TRIP!!
See you later, Louisiana! 

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