Sunday, August 9, 2015

Louisiana Trip: Day 3 {July-August 2015}

Wednesday started out pretty low key with some sweet pictures with my best boy! 

MiMi took us shopping for a few birthday treats and Mason had such a fun time! 
She definitely spoiled us and we had such a good time!  
Later on, PawPaw took us shopping for some new boots for Mason as he has just about outgrown his old ones. We didn't find boots we liked but instead, he found these waterproof camo shoes. Even better in PawPaw's eyes! 

After nap, it was time for playtime outside and popsicles!

Mason picked tomatoes with PawPaw and ate them all right on the spot! 

Then, he explored the lawnmowers!

We had to make this boy cool down because he is not used to this humidity.

PawPaw grilled steaks for after Mason went to bed. Mason helped!

And more "knuckles".

Y'all, that steak was so good! YUM!

P.S. We are so thankful for busy and fun time as well as low-key chill time on trips to Louisiana. 

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