Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-August 2015}

You guys, we have been enjoying life so much these last few weeks!! 
Here's a run down of what's been happening in the Morgan household. 

Matt made homemade pasta and I made sauce and it was SOOOO Good! 

Obviously, Mason loved it! 

Matt and Mason were having leftover donuts one morning and Mason was waiting for them to heat up. So cute! 

Day with Daddy...lookin' fly! 

Matt said Mason saw these ball players and hardly took his eyes off of them. 

Potty Practice...for the record, Mason is not potty training. We just put a SUPER positive spin on it and encourage it whenever he seems interested. He is also learning that boys/men read on the toilet. haha! 

First time playing with Playdoh. YAY! He loved it! 

Silly Mason and Momma! 

And a silly Daddy! 

Now that Mason is forward facing, I have lots of pictures like this from stop signs, red lights and parking lots. In this picture, we were praising Jesus! 

Sweetest little face! 

We also had a first (at our house) with paint. This day we "learned" about circles and painted with easter eggs to make our own circles. Thanks to Darby Hawley for that idea! 

Then, we played with our Curios George magnets that MiMi gave Mason. 

GROSS ALERT!!! Mason walked over to me the other day to hand me something. This wasn't unusual because if he finds a tiny piece of paper or anything "trash" related, he will bring it to me for throwing away. But this was a boogie...oh boy! 

One day last week, a fever popped up and was gone almost as quickly as it came. We enjoyed some snuggles as a result. 

When Mason first started really playing with toys, we would have a basket in the car and just give him some each ride. He has now become particular, which is totally fine, so we just took the basket out and we left him choose a toy each time we go to the car. The following pictures are all that he tried to bring in the car on a recent trip. 

Thankfully, he settled for the 4 pop-up books in a box.

This is our "Yogurt Mountain had BOGO cups tonight! And they also have Alma's pound cake flavor!!" look. 

Smiling for GiGi showing her that Mason was feeling better! 

Sweaty after a FUN time at the library play area. 


We met the MOMS club downtown one afternoon for ice cream and fountain fun! 

That made Mason sweaty so when we got home, he got undressed (with help), sat on his suitcase and cooled off. :)

More reading...these are his FAVORITE books right now! 

I got a FREE slice of cookie cake for my birthday and we all three shared it! 

Daddy snuck Mason some morning coffee. ;)

We also had a family painting night! 

Lastly, one morning, I missed my early morning Y trip so Mason and I loaded up to go for a walk before going to play at the park. We were both HAPPY! 

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