Friday, August 7, 2015

Mason: 21 Months {A 3 Month Update}

WHEW! The last few months have been jam packed and Mason is growing and changing so much!!! I just kept random notes during the last three months and I decided to just bullet point them for this update. Next update will be 2 YEARS!

*Matt took some pictures of him one morning inside in his PJs. That's real like with our sweet boy!*

Here's way more information than anyone will want to know about our sweet boy! HAHA! (in no particular order)

*Finally staying more still for diaper changes :)

*Following multiple step directions: "Mason go over there and lay down so I can change your diaper" etc.

*learning so many new words; see below for a pretty comprehensive list


*Giving lots of kisses

*swim lessons in May; by the end of July, he was kicking and "swimming" a lot more!

*will respond to "lay down" for diaper changes

*pats the seat next to him and points to it to have you sit down next to him.

*trip to Montgomery to Visit his Grammy/Mammy (what he says) and PopPop

*Started calling Daddy "Matt" and yelling it out around the house

*Loves ceiling fans when we visit places that have them

*fun with Skylar and now Emma, too

*More storytime and he loves it!

*lots of time outside; pool, water table, exploring

*loves trucks, motorcycles, planes

*walking around saying "no, no, no, no, no, no"

*New sandbox

*Put his boots on for the first time by himself on June 21st.

*Walks into a room, waves bye, blows and kiss and leaves

*Giggles when he finds something he was looking for

*on 6/25, got his arm stuck in between the slats of his crib

*says all grandparent names (when he wants)

*spikes a football, throws his hands in the air, and yells "Touchdown"

*Knows all major body parts and some "minor" ones

*sleeps with his buddies George, Bunny and Theo; George is his favorite

*stacking blocks when playing

*makes so many animal sounds; our favorites are fish and horse; who am I kidding, we love them all!

*wearing size 3T clothes, size 6/7 shoes, size 6 diapers

*loves, loves, loves sunglasses!

*waves to everyone we see, blows kisses, says thank you (with a cue) to those who give him something; loves people and seeing people in public

*when we tell Mason "I love you", he puckers and kisses the air. it's his way of saying "I love you"

*First aquarium trip with Matt; also met up with Aunt Holly, Uncle Mitch and cousins Luke, Kieran and Emelia

*Fun long trip to Louisiana by way of Alabama for a quick visit with Mason's Great-Great Aunts which included Mason's first time fishing, lots of swimming, fun visits with friends including some Mason had not met yet;

Mason's words (all that I can remember):
Dada   Momma   ball   bath   this   yeah   nuh-uh   no   PawPaw   MiMi   GiGi    Rarry    PopPop
Grammy    Grandmom   Granddad   Mom-Mom   dog   Daizee   Spike    Patches    hat  
vroom vroom   Thanks   yes   okay   George   shoes   books   Jesus   eat   three   sit    trash   do this
boots   teeth   duck   up   hot   keys   again   up please   please   juice   head   Skylar   door   help
down   fish   hot hot   cheese   touchdown   more   truck   kick   milk   coffee   poo   towel   whoa  
color   dirty   book   plane   fish   draw   stack   fork   goat   banana    yummy   yuck   job   jump   go
mow   snack   bubbles   bike   guitar   socks   bite   bed   baby   Theo   ice cream   basket   beans   my
berries   cracker   chair   cheers   popcorn   here   there   feet   stickers

And I'm sure there are a few more but these are the ones I've written down. On a day-to-day basis, he probably uses 15-20 of these. He's such a fun boy.