Thursday, August 13, 2015

Louisiana Trip: Day 6 {July-August 2015}

Alright, just a few more days to recap from our trip. I had to pause yesterday for book reviews but let's finish this up now! :)

On Saturday, the 1st, we met up with my best friend, Brittany, for breakfast at the Berry Patch cafe. I got the most delicious seafood omelette and it was SO GOOD! Britt and I were a little sad because we only got about an hour to visit and we needed so much more time! 

Next time we see her, her sweet little bundle of joy will be here. My guess is BOY! 
Apparently, Mason isn't a fan of pictures on this day! haha! 

We decided to leave out Mason for a couple of friends pics. 

Oh, and I had to get a bump pic! 

We headed to Amite to meet up with Mom and Mason needed a cat nap. 

After a couple of stops and a change of plans, we headed to my Uncle Jay's house to visit with he and his wife, Donna Faye. We had such a good visit while Mason ran around their house and their yard. They also gave him lots of fun snacks for the ride home, some awesome new clothes, and a hand-me-down basketball and football. 

Drinking one of those drinks like we used to drink as kids...the little barrel drink. He guzzled it! 

He gave Uncle Jay ALL of the balls! HAHA!

Before we left, Uncle Jay attempted to get Mason on the lawn mower to ride around since Mason seemed very interested but he wasn't a fan once it was time! 

We attempted to get a group picture but we failed miserably! 

Once Uncle Jay turned the mower off, Mason was happier and played for a few minutes. 

We also checked out the four-wheelers, too! 

We had to tell GiGi bye because we didn't get to see her after this. We love our GiGi! 

After leaving Uncle Jay's, we headed to see the Mitchell's. We visited for a while and got to look at the house they are building. It was such a good little visit. We just missed seeing CamiKate. 

y'all...cutest ever right!!!! 

We headed back to Dad's after that and I stopped for my much craved/wanted/deserved frozen hot chocolate!  YUM!!!! 

After a short nap, Mason got some play time on the lawnmowers again. He was in boy heaven! 

While we hung out with family Saturday night and awaited fried shrimp, Matt was sending pictures of his steak! He was so excited...duh! 

Duston and Deirdre came for a visit and Mason wore Duston out! I tried to get some pictures but I wasn't super successful. Oh well! 

Mason also got some sweet loving from Cupcake. It was the sweetest thing ever! 

He got to play with Muffin, too! 

Duston pulled him around the house on the "Magic Carpet" much. laughter!

Group Shots! 

After a long and fun day, Mason ended the day with a little reading with PawPaw. 

And, well, I ended it with a triple threat of popsicles! 

Just one more full day to go! 

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