Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Early August 2015}

Wow! Early August seems like it's a world away now! Let's see what we were up to WAY back then! ;-)

This little guy was living it up...Awesome nap time, his buds, Dad's water bottle and an afternoon show. 

After he rested well, he helped me do some cooking in his Home Depot Kids' workshop apron. 

Sweet love between Daddy and Mason early one morning. 

One day, we headed to see our friends, Jenn, Skylar and Emma-Bean. Isn't little Emma the CUTEST!?! I love her so!

Skylar and Mason finger-painted. Well, Skylar painted. Mason just got paint everywhere! 

It started pouring down rain so we hung in the garage for the remainder of our visit and Mason and Skylar rode all.the.things. 

I re-organized the toys a little bit to make them more accessible and Mason helped me out a little bit! 

Look at that sweet sleeping boy! I remember when he only filled up like 1/4 of that crib!!! 

AND!!! A big day happened for our sweet boy. He is now forward facing. He loves it and I'm a fan, too. 

The rest of the first part of August was spent in Louisiana or Pennsylvania so you can see that in other posts. We have enjoyed this month and can't believe it's already half way over! The rest of the month holds lots of MOMS club events, my birthday and a fun date with my best guy! 

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