Saturday, August 8, 2015

Louisiana Trip: Day 2 {July-August 2015}

Back to talk about our trip! 
Tuesday morning started with cereal for this sweet boy! 

And a morning walk with PawPaw and the pups! 

Mason "helped" PawPaw get dressed and PawPaw fixed Mason's hair. :)

Mason loved these binoculars at Dad's. 

This is blurry but it was a cute PawPaw-Mason moment as they said "bye" while PawPaw went to work. 

Susan was off Tuesday so we had swim time with her for a while and then came inside for popsicles in the bathtub before bathtime! 

After bathtime, we played a while and then ate pizza for lunch with MiMi. 

Nap time came and went and then Mason got some more time with PawPaw watching George. PawPaw loved this every day! 

PawPaw's biggest accomplishment of the week was teaching Mason "knuckles". 

Tuesday afternoon, Mason and I headed to Amite to see the Paynes! I babysat the Payne kids when I was in high school and college. Now they have two kids in COLLEGE! AH!
Despite having snack before we went, Mason enjoyed second snack with Grant. 

It should also be noted that Mason ate dog food on this day. Ellen could not have been more proud that this happened at her house. I, well, I don't know what to think. :)

Loving on Grant. 

Ladies' man! 

Frederick came home but he was in his truck talking to someone. Mason went over to try to hurry him along. :)

Ellen made a delicious dinner of pork tenderloin, buttered broccoli, garlic potatoes and salad. It was so good! 
After dinner, Mason enjoyed some time with Frederick, "playing" music. 

Caroline had some friends over and Mason fit right in with them. He is such a cool kid who just loves people. And it seems that they loved him, too! 

Mason didn't want to hug the Paynes bye because he didn't want to leave! 

I love these two people so much. They taught me so much about being a parent, a spouse, a Christian. They are family. 


We got to Dad's house and Mason had been a trooper all day! He got some kisses from PawPaw, MiMi and the puppies and he was off to bed! 

Phew! I'm tired again after reading that! And we've still got 5 more days to go! :)

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