Friday, August 7, 2015

Louisiana Trip: Day 1 {July-August 2015}

So, as I mentioned yesterday, the first pictures here are pictures from Sunday and then the remainder of pictures are from Monday. Monday was our first full day so I'm calling it day one. Whatever works, right?!?

Mason wasted no time going for a walk with PawPaw. 

And then a golf cart ride!

My brother-in-law was over to swim and he came in and played with Mason for a while. It was so cute! I'll share the video at the end of the posts when I share all of the videos together. 

Hanging with PawPaw

Ready to swim!!

Snack time!

Oh, and Mason found the tupperware cabinet!

Aunt Celie came by and swam with us some as well. She and Susan were entertaining Mason with all of the musical instruments. (Side note: I've got to get this sweet boy some musical instruments for his birthday/Christmas!)

Meanwhile in South Carolina, Matt and Granddad were fishing and caught a fish!

Sunday ended early for me as I was EXHAUSTED!
Mason and I both slept well and we started Monday with a bang. :)

Well, Mason and PawPaw started it with coffee and cartoons. 

After PawPaw left for work, I got some snuggles myself! 

See, he LOVED the instruments

Lounging...(that's what this day was for; it was very low key for us!)

Mason and I both took a nap and my Dad was done napping when Mason got up. Mason ran in and jumped on the bed and they watched CG together for a minute. 

And after nap it was time for exploring! And more time with PawPaw! 

My brother came over with 2 of my nephews. We swam and ate dinner. It was so nice to visit with them. 

We didn't get everyone in the picture but we took what we could get! (I took like 10 of every photo like this because I wanted to try to get Mason looking but I'm including all of them anyway because that's what I do! And I'll continue the trend through all of these posts most likely.)

I ended the night with a popsicle! My stepdad had purchased them for Mason and I forgot to give Mason one during the day so I figured I should have one for myself at least. :)

Monday was a good day! More fun to come! 


  1. Ryan would be so jealous of that golf cart! He loves driving those!! And it's good that Mason found the Tupperware instead of the pots and pans, right? :)

  2. Awww, they are so fun! Especially out in the country! :-)
    And yes, praise God for soft plastic. Haha!