Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day Trip to Knoxville {August 2015}

For the last two year, seriously(?!?!?), we have been trying to get together with my dear friend, Rebekah, and her family. She and her family lived in Texas and then recently moved back to Louisiana. 
We had two separate trips scheduled to Pigeon Forge/Knoxville area but things happened and they got cancelled but last week, we made it happen!!! 
We met Rebekah, her two boys, two of her sisters, her mom, one of her nieces, and one of her nephews at the zoo. It was a good trip. 
Since Matt and I were both there and able to take turns being with Mason, he brought his camera and snapped some excellent shots!

Ready for action! My boy and me! 

My best guys! 

Checking out some bears...

and penguins...

and, apparently, nothing...;-)


How cute is our little scientist??

Sliding Zeb! 

And Mason! 

Serious Judah

And Serious Mason

Judah says "Look, those crazy kids are about to ride a camel!"

More Zoo adventures




Coolest kid in the world!

Giraffe {up close}

And the best part of the zoo? this amazing splash pad!!! Look at the happiness on those faces! 

We had a fun (quick) visit and it was so good to see everyone! Here's the crowd minus Matt. 

Here are just a few cell phone pictures I took that I didn't want to leave out. 
Mason was acting silly in the car! 


Took this picture because Matt got tee-teed on by Mason...through the swim diaper!! 

Attempt at a family picture. Mason was UNINTERESTED! 

Love this sweet friend so much! 

The zoo will wear a boy OUT! 

But a quick nap brings him back to his happy energetic self! 

We love our friends the Hills! 

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